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Laura Duksta: NY Times Bestselling Children's Author

Laura Duksta is a New York Times bestselling author who believes that through the power of love, and with an attitude of gratitude, anything is possible.


Laura lost all of her hair to Alopecia Areata at the age of 11. It took her many years to love herself and to allow others to love her. She quickly realized that she would never trade having hair for the lessons of love, compassion and understanding for herself and others that she’s experienced. She’s come to know that our biggest challenges can blossom into our biggest blessings, and has embraced the power that comes from being yourself.


Laura knew from a young age that she was meant to travel the world, meet her brothers and sisters, and spread the message of love. She is now fulfilling this mission through her books, school programs, music and inspirational talks. Her first book, I Love You More, originally self-published, has now sold over 800,000 copies and is available in six languages. Her second book, You Are a Gift to the World, flips over to The World is a Gift to You, and encourages us to love and care for ourselves, one another, and the world we call home. She released her third book, I’ll Hug You More, in 2017.


Laura has been featured in USA Today, as one of "10 Individuals Making a Difference in South Florida" in Boca Magazine, in several creative anthologies, as well as on and in dozens of TV, radio shows, blogs and articles.

Laura Duksta, Ambassador of Love, NYT Bestselling A

Episode Highlights

Every so often, life hands us a roadmap to transformation, etched with signs we can't ignore. For Laura Duksta, a near-death experience and the ethereal guidance of a departed friend became the catalysts for a metamorphosis from the electric pulse of South Beach nightlife to a beacon of love and inspiration. In our latest episode, we're honored to have Laura share not only the origins of her bestselling book I Love You More, but also the heartfelt prayer for her nephew that grew into a worldwide embrace of affection. Through anecdotes brimming with divine sparks and life-altering awakenings, she lays bare her journey of self-discovery and the insights on connecting with universal truths that resonate with every soul.


Imagine finding the courage to strip away a facade and stand in your truth—Laura Duksta did just that, and in doing so, she freed herself from the constraints of wigs and societal expectations. In a candid conversation, she recounts the life-defining moments that shaped her path, including her survival of a car crash that served as a wake-up call to pursue a deeper purpose. Her experiences, including a poignant nightclub revelation years later, have been poured into her writing, inspiring others to “Keep Shining” and acknowledge the support of unseen guides. Laura's evolution translates into stories for children and adults alike, bridging generational divides with the universal language of love, as seen in her cherished collaborations with illustrator Karen Keesler.


Penning children's books offers a unique tapestry of creativity and spontaneous inspiration—a balance Laura has mastered, allowing her to craft stories like I'll Hug You More with heartfelt whimsy. She takes us behind the scenes of her creative process, revealing the unexpected joys and challenges of bringing imaginative stories to life without the confines of a rigid writing routine. As we wrap up the episode, Laura imparts wisdom on navigating the publishing landscape, the significance of staying true to one's vision in the face of critique, and the fortifying power of a supportive team. Her encounter with Warren Buffett, a testament to authentic communication and shared values, leaves us contemplating the impact one can make through the written word, and the fulfillment of childhood dreams when you dare to spread love unreservedly.



We cover a lot of beautiful topics in this episode including:

  • Traveling the world spreading the message of love

  • The great messages for adults hidden in children’s books

  • Hiding her Alopecia for years, and then embracing it

  • The personal origins of I love You More

  • Writing, rewriting, rewriting again, and still more rewrites!

  • The challenges and rewards of self-publishing

  • Avoiding “set formulas” for writing, and finding what works for you...and SO much more!


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