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Satisfied customers are for the birds

Here at Shane Almgren Multimedia & Entertainment, we're not content with satisfied customers. We think every business that does its job without setting off the fire alarm or getting the feds involved should have satisfied customers. Customer "satisfaction" should be the absolute bear minimum. That means a job was done satisfactorily.

If you ask us, that's an abysmally low bar.

We're in the market for capturing a slightly more elusive creature – Raving Fans– and we've got a number of sneaky little "tricks" up our sleeves to accomplish it. Novel concepts like lightning-fast response times (even if you're on the other side of the globe), respecting client budgets like it's our own money, blowing deadlines out of the water, under-promising/over-delivering, things your granddad taught you.

If our clients have anything to say about it, granddad might've been on to something...

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