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About Live2cre8

I'd wanted to do a podcast for years, but had no idea what it should be about for the longest time. Out at dinner one evening with an eclectic mix of friends, acquaintances, and total strangers in the entertainment industry (an event hosted by my buddy Kyle Saylor that would officially come to be known as Dinner With Dreamers) – we went around the table with everyone taking a few minutes to introduce themselves and tell a little bit about what they do.


Listening to everyone's introduction and brief backstory, it suddenly dawned on me that I know some of the coolest, most interesting and talented people in around, and I should just get them to come talk about what they do.


Live2cre8 was born!

After a dozen or so episodes, the show expanded to include some of the most creative minds on the planet: award-winning artists, musicians, inventors, painters, sculptors, artisans, magicians, chefs, authors, fashion designers, choreographers, comedians, directors, producers, entertainers and more join me to discuss the process of creativity and what inspires, motivates and drives them to creative excellence.

You'll get to hear the firsthand stories behind some of the most iconic artistry in our culture, and discover the daily habits of those who've taken their creative passions to the highest levels. Find out what lessons they've learned along the way, and what advice they have to share with others looking to follow in their footsteps.

So, if you're looking for a heaping helping of creative inspiration, you've stumbled into the Mecca. Glad you could make it, and welcome aboard!

I'll be your host for this little adventure, reminding you to dream big, be inspired, and live creatively!

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