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About Us

Don't ask if we think outside the box.

We won't have any idea what box you're talking about.

Shane Almgren Multimedia & Entertainment is a boutique creative design studio in Nashville, TN.


"Boutique" means we're small, sophisticated or fashionable (according to the dictionary, not our neighbors), and specialized.

"Multimedia" means our specialty is graphic design, logo design & branding, web design, music & audio production, video content, voice over, copy writing & editing, transcription, printing, and independent book publishing services.

"Nashville" refers to the southern, Middle Tennessee town that used to be known for great country music, but is best known today as the drunken bachelorette party capital of the world, being perpetually under construction, and terrible country music.

Our Story
My Story
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Meet Shane

Shane Almgren has been dubbed a "Creative Swiss-Army Knife." He is an award-winning graphic designer, a professional pianist/keyboardist, music producer, ASCAP songwriter, voice over artist, podcast host, fashion designer, author, actor, comedian & entertainer in Nashville, TN. And because that sounds like an entirely implausible list of things for one person to do, he'd love to remind you of his all-time favorite quote: "The man who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the man doing it."


He "accidentally" founded Shane Almgren Multimedia & Entertainment in 2011 after being challenged to create a business card that listed all his professional services and experience, with the daunting caveat that it be both aesthetically pleasing and actually legible. It was tricky.

The man who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the man doing it.

– Ancient Chinese proverb

Shane got started in theater at an early age, and has appeared in several feature films including Dear Mr. Cash, Like A Country Song, and Fatal Reflex; as well as the ABC Television show Nashville. He was a member of the critically-acclaimed sketch comedy production of Bye Bye Liver: The Nashville Drinking Play for 3 years, and was also a member of the Nashville Improv Group. 


But above all, music remains his first passion. He got started on the piano at the age of 4, and has toured both nationally and internationally with a variety of artists and bands. Most recently, he spent the summer of 2023 on tour with Southern Accents: The Ultimate Tom Petty Experience. Before getting into design, Shane was a recording artist, producing Trance music under the artist name krystL bLu. He still likes to do it in his spare time, but agrees it's maybe time to move on from that moniker.

When he's not writing music, he's busy writing words. Shane's written for Dish Magazine, The Tennessee Health & Wellness Magazine, and is currently hard at work on his third book. His first two books both debuted on the Amazon Best Seller list and spent a few weeks at #1. Granted, it's not New York Times Best Seller status, but a #1 is a #1 wherever you can get it!

Additionally, he is the creator of the YSO Serious? fashion line, and the host of the Live2cre8 podcast.

Who We Work With

Stop me if you've heard this one before: "No client/project is too big or too small..."


Sure, it's a worn-out cliché, but that doesn't mean we're ever gonna stop saying it. Because around we actually live it. We work with everyone from the local food truck down at the end of the street to the US Department of Justice – and everyone in between. Our clients are local, regional, national and international. Come to think of it, we've worked with clients on 6 continents! (Antarctica, if you're reading this, please hire us for something, anything, so we can fill up out Continental Bingo card.)

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