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I'd wanted to do a podcast for years, but had no idea what it should be about for the longest time. After going out

to a big dinner one evening with a bunch of friends, acquaintances, and total strangers in the entertainment

industry – we went around the table with everyone taking 2 minutes to introduce themselves and tell a little bit

about what they do – it suddenly dawned on me that I know some of the coolest, most creative people in the

world, and I should just get them to come talk about what they do. Live2cre8 was born!

Some of the most creative minds on the planet - artists, musicians, inventors, painters, sculptors, artisans, magicians, chefs, authors, fashion designers, choreographers, comedians, directors, producers, entertainers and more  - discuss the process of creativity, and what inspires, motivates and drives them to creative excellence.


Hear their firsthand stories behind some of the most iconic artistry in our culture. Find out what lessons they've learned along the way, and what advice they have to share with others looking to follow in their footsteps. Discover the daily habits of those who've taken their creative passions to a professional level, and follow along as we discuss and dissect the right brain/left brain relationship. 

my guest list

Alex Boyé.jpg

alex boyé

Artist / Entertainer

America's Got Talent

2015 Youtube Cover

Song of the Year

Andy Segal.jpg

andy segal

ESPN Champion

Pool Trick Shot Artist


david "z"

Grammy Winning Record Producer / Prince, Billy Idol, Etta James


shawn hammonds

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Judo World Champion / GOld Medalist / Hit Songwriter

Larry Lashbrook.jpg

larry lashbrook

Master Guitar Maker /

Lashbrook Guitars Creator

Bobby Braddock.jpg

bobby braddock

Country Music Hall of Fame Songwriter

Screen Shot 2021-09-03 at 12.33.50 AM.png

alexander folk
& john mcarthur

Award-Winning Distillers

Pyramid Vodka

Simon Beck.png

simon beck

Snow Artist


kenny dobbs

Nike & Sprite International Slam Dunk Champion

Billy Martinez.jpg

billy martinez

Artist / Painter / Comic Publisher

Alonzo Bodden.jpg

alonzo bodden

Comedian / Actor

Winner of

Last Comic Standing

Kevin Harmon.png

kevin harmon

President & CEO of Brisa International / Inventor of EcoTech Complex

Carol Kline.jpg

carol kline

#1 NY Times Best Selling Co-Author

Chicken Soup for the Soul

Ronnie Abaldanado.png

ronnie abaldonado

Team Red Bull International Break Dance Champion

Manny Cuevas.jpg

manny cuevas

Iconic Fashion Designer

Wear It Out Manny Creator


reyn guyer

Hall of Fame Toy Inventor

Creator of Nerf & Twister

Neil Pond.jpeg

neil pond

Award-Winning Entertainment Journalist / Film Critic / Managing Editor Parade Magazine



Artist / Songwriter

RAW Nashville Artist of the Year

Nicole C Mullen.png

nicole c. mullin

Dove Award Winning Recording Artist / Songwriter / Choreographer


laura duksta

New York Times Best Selling Children's Author

"I Love You More"

Jake Mace.jpg

jake mace

Martial Artist / Instructor Creator of Phoenix Longevity Arts

Steve Feldman.jpg

steve feldman

Emmy Winning Director

Sesame Street

Karl Hein.jpg

karl hein

International Performing Magician / Lecturer / Creator of Illusions

Martin Molin.jpg

martin molin

Musician / Inventor / Creator of Wintergatan Marble Machine

Kyle Salors.jpg

kyle saylors

Award Winning Filmmaker /

Director / Writer / Cinematographer

David Litwin.png

david litwin

Designer / Branding Expert Author / Screenwriter / Public Speaker

Kseniyah Simonova.png

kseniyah simonova

Sand Artist

Winner of Ukraine's Got Talent

Major General Carl Schneider.jpg

major general

Air Force Aviation Pioneer / Flight Instructor

Eulyn Womble.jpg

eulyn hufkie

Film & TV Costume Designer

The Walking Dead

The Purge

Jamie Wigginton.jpg

jamie wigginton

Voice & Performance Coach

Vocal Edge Creator

Peregrine Church.jpg

peregrine church

Artist / Inventor 

Rainworks Creator

Fred Satterfield.png

fred satterfield

Grammy & CMA Award Winning Drummer The Oakridge Boys / Graphic Novel Illustrator

Jason Hartness.png

jason hartness

Metal Art Master Craftsman / Hartcrafters Creator

Bernie Mitchell.png

bernie mitchell

Drywall Artist, Sculptor

Creative Drywall Solutions

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