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Karl "Koppertop" Hein: Professional Magician, Creator of Illusions

Karl Hein, a.k.a. Karl Koppertop is an international performing magician, lecturer, and creator of illusions. He has appeared on The Pete Holmes Show and Penn & Teller's Fool Us, and his ideas have been featured on America's Got Talent. He has authored numerous instructional DVDs and done seminars for elite magic organizations in dozens of countries including the world-famous Magic Castle.

Episode Highlights

Ever wondered what it takes to bewitch an audience with nothing but a deck of cards and a captivating story? In an episode that's nothing short of magical, we delve into Karl's captivating journey through the global magic scene, his tours, and the rich tapestry of magic communities he's experienced. From the intimate sleights of hand in close-up magic to the dazzling grandiosity of television magicians, Karl shares the secrets behind crafting moments of pure wonder, the kind that leave you questioning reality. He’s not just pulling a rabbit out of his hat; he's revealing the road map to mastering close-up magic and the essence of creating those gasp-worthy moments. And yes, he even gives us a taste of his mind-bending abilities right on the show!


With Carl, we traverse the intricate pathways that lead to magic mastery and discuss the delicate art of sourcing magical wisdom. He enlightens us on the significance of personal style over mimicry, while considering the psychological allure of the unknown that magic uniquely wields. Our exchange is not just about tricks and illusions; it's about the creative fire that drives magicians to push beyond the known into realms of innovation, all while respecting a heritage woven with well-guarded secrets.


Wrapping up an episode that's sure to leave you spellbound, we peek behind the curtain at the creative process that gives birth to new magic, acknowledging the fine line between tradition and innovation. Karl and I share a laugh over the simple yet ingenious routines that resonate within the magic community, leaving both audiences and magicians alike in awe. Whether you're a lifelong fan of magic or just curious about the life of a modern-day wizard, this episode with Karl Koppertop is your ticket to an enthralling experience. Join us for an unforgettable foray into the world of magic on Live2Create, and you might just find that the real magic lies in the stories we create.


We cover a lot of fascinating topics in this episode including:

  • The differences between closeup magic, stage magic, and tv magic

  • The many different ways to go about creating the same illusion

  • The many skills and components beyond sleight of hand that go into crafting an effective illusion, including choreography, music, lighting, script writing, joke writing, and interpersonal interaction       

  • When magicians play pranks on each other

  • Karl's ideas about Penn & Teller's Fool Us       

  • Performing on The Pete Holmes Show

  • The problem with revealing the secrets behind how tricks are done

  • The differences between just performing magic and actually creating it

  • On being torn between the desire to understand how everyone's tricks work and retaining the awe and wonder of a viewer

  • The secrets and essentials for being a successful creative professional, and so much more!


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