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Martin Molin: Inventor of the Wintergatan Marble Machine

Updated: Apr 29

Martin Molin is a Grammis (Swedish Grammy)-nominated composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, inventor and engineer. He is a founding member of the Swedish band Wintergatan, and the inventor/creator of the Wintergatan Marble Machine.

Episode Highlights

Have you ever wished you could create something that captured the entire world's attention? Today’s guest has certainly done that…and then some!

Molin, who has transformed from a humble garage band rocker to a jazz wizard, unveils his fascinating musical journey, discussing everything from the Swedish system of free music lessons to the modification of his instruments for portability. Listen in as he shares about his famous Marble Machine invention that has taken YouTube by storm with nearly 300 million views to date.

In this episode, we cover a lot of ground including:

  • Sweden’s incredible extracurricular music programs

  • “Mistreating” regular instruments to create new sounds

  • The marriage of inventor, engineer, carpenter, mad scientist and musician

  • The importance of redundancy and stress testing in the building process

  • The challenge of transporting the Marble Machine and using it in live shows

  • The historical origins of programmable/mechanical instruments from the 19th century

  • The logistics of creating the Marble Machine music video

  • Strategies for overcoming writer’s block and procrastination, and SO much more!


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