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Andy “The Magic Man” Segal: Trick-Shot Pool World Champion

Updated: Apr 29

Andy "The Magic Man" Segal is 4-time Artistic Pool World Champion, a 7-time ESPN Trick Shot Magic Champion, a 6-time Masters Champion, and a 2-time US Open Champion. He began playing professional nine-ball in the 1990’s, and was a regular on the Camel Pro Billiard Tour before switching over to trick-shot competitions in 2002. He became a full-time pro competitor in 2007 and hold 4 world records in artistic billiards. He's also a member of the Screen Actors Guild, appearing in films such as Spider Man 2 and The Dictator, and TV shows such as Person of Interest and Boardwalk Empire.

Episode Highlights

Get ready for an episode that's as enlightening as it is entertaining! Join us as we catch up with world champion pool player and trick shot artist, Andy "The Magic Man" Segal. Listen as Andy divulges the secrets of his success, from his thrilling win at the US Open championship to the role his supportive wife plays in his journey. He candidly discusses the trials and triumphs of juggling a demanding career while maintaining razor-sharp pool skills, and even delves into the impact of aging within the sport.


But Andy's accomplishments and experiences don't stop at the pool table. He's also graced the glitz and glamour of Hollywood sets and he's here to share those stories too! From hilarious encounters with stars like Jake Gyllenhaal, to insightful comparisons between billiards and golf, martial arts, and even mathematics. Be prepared to question all you know about pool as we debunk the myth that this sport is solely about geometry - there's a lot more instinct involved here than you may realize!


In the latter part of our episode, we explore the art and joy of teaching. Andy divulges how his passion for sharing knowledge stems from his family values, and shares his exciting decision to become a math teacher. As we wrap up, we discuss the intricate world of trick shots, the rigorous journey to maintain a professional ranking, and even the business aspects of professional pool playing.  This episode is a must-listen for all pool enthusiasts and fans of compelling life stories.


In this episode, we cover a lot of ground including:

  • The importance of a supportive family when quitting a Wall Street career to pursue a passion

  • Performing, Showmanship and his background in magic

  • How trick shots help in standard pool competition

  • Parlaying billiard success into Hollywood success

  • What makes a great trick shot, and how Andy comes up with new ideas

  • Using trick shot pool for corporate conventions and sales

  • Using billiards as a fun way to teach math

  • The ethics of hustling other players

  • The evolution of trick shots over the years, and where it’s headed, and SO much more!


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