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Create Your Brand

Every brand starts with a great logo. It’s the basic building block of your brand image.


Your logo should grab people’s attention, reflect your uniqueness as a business, stand out against your competition, and convey your overall attitude to your customers. (It also doesn’t hurt if it’s kinda clever or has a little pizazz!)


Fortunately, clever, unique, attention-grabbing logo designs are what I do best, so you’ve definitely come to the right place. Your search is over. You won!


Good for you!


Grow Your Brand

So you’ve settled on the perfect logo. Now what? Now it’s time to show that bad boy off to the world! Put it on some business cards. Plaster it all over some shiny new letterhead or brochures. Brand it onto your cattle (cattle sold separately). Tattoo it on your firstborn child’s forehead.***

If you want your customers to be committed to your brand, you have to show them you’re committed to it as well. And a well designed Branding Kit / Identity Kit is exactly what the doctor ordered to show the world you’re serious about your business. It builds consistency within your brand, which builds both recognition and trust with your customers, which ultimately builds your bottom line.

*** (legal notice: Absolutely do not – under any circumstances – tattoo your new logo onto your kid’s forehead! Seriously, I cannot stress this point enough. You will get in a boatload of trouble, and I will have to lie to Social Services and pretend like I never heard of you.)


Market Your Brand

You've got your logo, you've established your brand identity, now it's time to promote your brand and let your audience know who you are. Whether it's print marketing (flyers, brochures, postcards, etc.) or digital (web banners, social media ads, blog graphics...), l'll make sure you're looking your absolute best with unique and eye-popping design solutions that make an instant and lasting impression. 

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